Homicide Families Deserve a Voice

Murder is the mother of all crimes.

When someone is taken from us by violent crime, the surviving family members suffer a loss like no other.  For the families of homicide, the experience is extraordinarily painful, devastating and ever-present.

Every death, even one that is expected as a result of old-age or natural causes, presents enormous challenges to families:  funeral arrangements, taking care of fellow surviving family members, dealing with the decedent’s bills, accounts, home, belongings, matters of  life insurance (if any), dealing with the decedent’s employer and workplace, issues surrounding someone who dies with a valid last will and testament or the even more daunting challenges of someone who dies without a will, etc.  The tasks and challenges generated by the death of a loved one can seem endless, daunting, and often overwhelming.

When a loved one is murdered . . . the devastation to a family is incalculable and can be unbearable and outright debilitating.  Not only do families struggle with all the same challenges listed above, but there is so much more to contend with, emotionally, logistically, intellectually and in so many other ways.  Because now, the surviving family will be exposed to and involved in things like police investigations and criminal prosecutions.

Homicide Family Advocates exists to begin to fill the chasm between the information provided to homicide families and the advocacy, support and interfacing with the criminal justice system that they deserve.

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