For Advocates

Become an Advocate

If you are a former prosecutor or other law enforcement professional, and are interested in becoming an advocate, the process is simple:

  1. Submit your information here,
  2. Someone from the HFA team will reach out to schedule a brief phone call,
  3. Sign Advocate Volunteer Agreement & Complete Advocate Training,
  4. Begin supporting homicide families.

Who are HFA Advocates?

HFA Advocates are former prosecutors (or other law enforcement officers), who have intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system, and want to volunteer their unique skills to support families who have lost a loved one to violent crime.

Service to others is a core part of who they are. They have accumulated years of experience serving their communities. Now they are offering their unique expertise, knowledge and skills to support families navigating the criminal justice process after losing a family member to homicide.

Why are HFA Advocates needed?

Although numerous organizations exist to advocate for crime victims, before HFA, there was no organization dedicated to providing expert advocates, from law enforcement backgrounds, to serve the families of homicide victims.  

Losing a family member to homicide is often the most significant event in someone’s life. HFA exists to bridge the chasm between what currently exists, and the advocacy and support that these individuals and families deserve.

Thank you for your interest and desire to support homicide families!

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