Advocacy Values

Unwavering Patience, Respect, Empathy in serving families.

HFA Advocates are all volunteers trained in trauma-informed communication. Inspired by their work as prosecutors, for them, serving homicide families is not a job but a privilege.

Expert Advocacy, Providing Information and Being the Bridge between families and the criminal justice system.

HFA Advocates have an intimate understanding of the criminal justice system and they speak all 3 languages: of police investigations, the prosecutors offices and the courts.

Honesty and Diligence in dealing with government agencies on behalf of victims families.

As former prosecutors, we recognize the value of Advocates in addressing needs of the families, and we aim to alleviate some of the demands on governmental resources.

Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights

In addition to our Advocacy Values, we recognize the value of the Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights. We work to ensure that we fulfill all these rights in supporting victims, together with the government agencies that are obligated to comply with the Crime Victims Rights Act and other regulations related to crime victims rights.

A crime victim has the right to:

  1. Be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim’s dignity and privacy;
  2. Be reasonably protected from the accused offender;
  3. Be notified of court proceedings;
  4. Be present at all court proceedings related to the offense, including the sentencing, and release, parole, record-sealing, and post-conviction hearings, unless the court determines that testimony by the victim would be materially affected if the victim heard other testimony or where the needs of justice otherwise require;
  5. Confer with an attorney for the prosecution in the case (which does not include the authority to direct the prosecution of the case);
  6. An order of restitution from the person convicted of the criminal conduct that caused the victim’s loss or injury;
  7. Information about the conviction, sentencing, imprisonment, detention, and release of the offender, and about any court order to seal the offender’s criminal records;
  8. Notice of all rights provided by the local jurisdiction; and
  9. Be notified of any available victim advocate or other appropriate person to develop a safety plan and appropriate services.


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